February, 2010: Advance of the new album

Hello there!

If everything is going properly, I suppose that my new album will be completely finished for May or June. The most of the compositions are recorded, mixed and mastered, but I must write and record two or three additional track to finish with all it. I'm beginning this last part of the work the next month. Meanwhile you can hear some excerpts from the finished pieces here:

José Travieso - No More Faith (advance of the new album)

The album will be a mix of Neo-Classicism, Minimalism and Avant-Garde. Some pieces are soft and melodic, but other tracks are hard and experimental, connecting with the noise and industrial music. I've been experimenting with the connection between some extremes in the music, as the extreme pianissimo or fortissimo sounds, extreme low or high tones, etc. The most of the album is recorded with violin, cello, harp, flute or other conventional acoustic instruments, but in some ocassions these instruments are prepared (altered their sounds with implements) or an unusual instrumentation appears (giant tam-tam, bass waterphone, musical glasses, tape loops, etc.).

The album will last 50-60 minutes and it will have 12-14 tracks. It will contain the string quartet «Tunguska» (released as EP in September of 2009), but in a new mix, as well as a new acoustic version of the piece «After All These Years...». The rest of the tracks are new. No cover pieces, no collaborations.

Some titles: «The Monster», «Minuet For Planet, Asteroids and Comet», «12 Megatons», «Yersinia XIV», «Shinigami's Dreams»... The album will be definitely called «No More Faith». Personal motives...

So long...

José Travieso

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December, 2009: Website finished and working

December, 13. Good mark!

After a hard work during the last days, today I can say this website is finished. All the sections are working properly and it seems that everything is o.k.: links, animations, etc. I only need to add some details, to test in other computers and systems, and then everything will be finished. Later the only thing will be to update from time to time and to add news.

As much as I thought I would finish for the end of this month, I will finally have two additional weeks for free work. I think that I will rest for two or three days, and for sure that in a few of days I will begin to work in new compositions... After almost three months not composing, I have a lot of ideas in my head, so that I must put order there.

Please, write me if you find something working badly in this website.


José Travieso

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December, 2009: Opening of this website, a new track for it!

Today, 1st of December of 2009, this new website begins to work. Not all the sections are actually available, but an important part of them are active and you should not have problems reading news, watching the discography or downloading all the music. Sections as «Gallery», «Donate» or «Contact» will be added along the next month. If everything is going properly, this complete new website will be totally active for the beginning of the next year.

«JOSÉ TRAVIESO's official website» replaces «www.cautiva.org» as much as «CAUTIVA official MySpace», covering all my musical projects, including the CAUTIVA project. «www.cautiva.org» will be closed. What about «CAUTIVA official MySpace», because this metal project is actually in stand-by, there will not be added news or changes there. If I work again in this project in the future, I guess that I will update such MySpace page.

By the way, celebrating the creation of this website, I leave to share my last composition, to be released in a new album (neo-classical style) for Spring or Summer of 2010. You can take it here:

José Travieso - A Tale Four Our Wasted Years

Written for harp and flute, this piece is called «A Tale For Our Wasted Years» and it was written and recorded during the last September.

I hope that you like this new piece and you find interesting this new website.

My best wishes,

José Travieso

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