March, 2016: First electronic improvisations

Hi there!

I've uploaded two improvisations which were recorded the last month. The first one, "Analog Vibes", was recorded on the 6th of February and has a Klaus Schulze 1980-1985 flavour, more or less. The second improvisation, "Through God's Core", was recorded on the 21st during the studio sessions for the "e-proj #4" and explores the most experimental and ambient electronic music. It was recorded partially using a little eurorack modular system which I hope to expand during the next months. By the way, a remixed extract from this improvisation is used in the beginning of the "e-proj #4", which I finished a week ago and I'll share in April.

Though it isn't now my priority, I hope to record and share more electronic improvisations in the future.

All the best,

José Travieso

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February, 2016: Thinking about a future album...

Though a few a months ago -when I wrote a "statement" of what I was having in mind concerning this new musical period of making electronic music- I said that releasing EPs would be the most suitable than releasing LPs, I have finally decided to release an album with all the stuff I'm recording. The three tracks I've recorded since September will be in it and I've though, more or less, a structure for the album which can works. I want to record 3-4 more tracks filling such structure, completing a total of 40-45 minutes of music and trying to have everything finished during this summer to be released in September. I think this is a good mark as much as recording music is being only a part of all this new period in my musical life. I'm reading a lot of books, I'm studying to the great composers of the genre, learning how synthesis works, mounting a modular synthesizer and experimenting with it... Recording is just a part of the whole, and I must say I'm happy with this approach.

During the next month I want to focus on improvisation.

All the best,

José Travieso

Now playing - Michael Nyman: Vertov Sounds

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February, 2016: e-proj #3 finished!

Last month I had the opportunity to spend some more time with my music and in a relatively short time I have been able to complete the e-proj #3. As in the previous project, this piece has a strong descriptive component, but I suppose the content is more emotional and evocative. I had the initial idea to begin a track sharing a simple piano chord progression with the recording of children playing in a park or something like that, and this has been the result. I hope you like!

On the other hand, a few days ago I made a new mix for the piece «Navigator» which I think it's better than the previous one.


José Travieso

Now playing – Philip Glass: Corvo Branco (opera not released officially, a bootleg recording)

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January, 2016: Navigator

A few weeks ago, with the arrival of the new year, I shared on Facebook my "e-proj #2". This new piece, called «Navigator», has been conceived as a tribute to the navigation and has a strong descriptive component, looking back at the story of the navigators since the first ships and the conquest of the seas until the apparition of the aviation and, later, the exploration of the Space. Starting with the sound of the waves and repeating constantly a cadence arpeggios recorded with an Eminent 310 string synthesizer style, the track flows along different musical layers until arriving a final climax, where we can listen real voices taken from the Voyager Golden Record, which has been traveling with the space probes Voyager I and Voyager II since 1977 and containing sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth (original recordings by NASA courtesy).

It's possible now to listen and download this track here.

Actually I'm working in a third electronic project (with a little bit of piano ;-) and I'll finish it soon. Meanwhile, I'm also doing my first things with modular synthesis (eurorack).

Remember that visiting my Facebook website is the best way to know about my new recordings as soon as possible.

I hope you like the new track,

José Travieso

Now playing – Steve Roach: The Skeleton Collection

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