August, 2016: Pictures of the new studio "Goj Alpha"

As I told in the last post, in April I decided to move a new house, so I’ve had to reinstall all my home-studio in a new emplacement. The old home-studio –I called it “Arm Gamma” (I use codes for this: “Arm” is the place and “Alpha”, “Beta”, “Gamma”… are variations in that place)– was an experimental and little dead-room studio, which always gave me problems in mixes because the room size and the bass response. You can find some pictures of this old home-studio in different variations in the Photo Gallery.

The new studio room is much better. It’s not perfect. I don’t have a dedicate place, it’s part of a large living room, but I like in this way and I hope to spend a time with this configuration. With little acoustic treatment the bass response is rather good and the frequency response is rather flat (with a 1/12 octave smooth: a maximum of +-5 dB variation since 40 Hz, except for the desk reflections in 600-800 Hz zone, a bit more here). It’s enough for me now, and anyway actually I work with headphones the most of the time. A bit reverbed room, but I like work here when I use my monitors because I find a very natural environment (the most of the acoustic treatment is emplacing the zone studio and desk in the right place after a lot of tests, and using furniture, books, curtains and so on to work the sound) and I appreciate it.

Anyway, if everything goes fine, maybe, after a couple of years, I'll move to a dedicate room with a very good dimensions too. Time will say.

Here you have some photos of the actual emplacement. The pictures are from July and it’s not all the equipment installed, around 80%, but it’s enough. You get the idea!

I want to take some days off, but in September I’ll continue working in the new album and I hope to finish then!

Best wishes,

José Travieso

Now playing – Erik Norlander: Stars Rain Down

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