August, 2016: New studio emplacement and new track

Hello everyone!

During the last months I haven’t been active over here because in April I decided to move to a new home, to make some reparations and changes and I've had to do millions to things with all it, including installing the studio recording. When I had finished, I felt myself so tired that I couldn’t find any pleasure playing my keyboards or recording, so I decided to spend some time doing other things (just activities not to think much)… Finally I believe I spent too much time not paying attention to my music :-/ , but fortunately, with the 1st of August, I decided to continue recording stuff for the new album and –fortunately too– since the first minute I found the good way (and time!) and I’ve been able to finish soon a new e-project and feel this is one my best works of the last years.

I’m speaking about the Electronic Project #5, which continues the “conceptual and metaphysical cosmic travels” of the previous e-projects. In this case, the leitmotiv is the pansperm theory and the cosmic winds as dispersers of life in the Universe. The track is long, 12 minutes and a half, and is called «Cosmic Dispersion Of Life». More information in «Works».

You can listen an excerpt here:

I think I have 80-90% of the music for the new album. One more track (I have an idea) and it’ll be finished!

What about my new home and studio, I made the change to have more space and to live in a calm place, very close to the country. It’s more work at home and my studio recording emplacement is not ideal, but I’m very satisfied with the change :-) I had to do this years before!

I’ll upload some pictures of the studio recording.

Bye bye,

José Travieso

Now playing – Phrozenlight: Dreamland

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