Cautiva - Human (2009, LP)
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| Format: LP | First Release: June 2009 |

| Label: Abracadaver Music |

| Composed: February 2008 - May 2009;
Autumn 2005 (track #10, partially) |

| Recorded: February 2008 - May 2009 |

| Performed by: José Travieso - guitars, bass, keyboards, drums programming and vocals; Sergio Rubal - vocals (track #10) |

| # tracks: 10 | Length: 43:10 |

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First release in June 2009.

This is my second recording under the pseudonym of Cautiva, a technical and progressive thrash metal project in which I play all the instruments (guitars, bass, drums programming and vocals; except for guest musicians in very limited cases), in the style of "one man band".

This album makes part of the mistakes found in «Fire, Walk With Me!» (EP/demo, 2008) -poor production and still a poor technology to record correctly this style of music in-the-box- , but it's one of the recordings of which I'm proudest. While the previous EP did not show a clearly defined style, this album shows an evident direction, musical and lyrically. This direction is very specific: technical and progressive thrash metal, with a lot of aggressiveness. On the other hand, I think the music is rather good, and I enjoyed a lot recording this. I felt inspired since the first minute and everything flowed very well. It was a great experience in my memory.

After recording 2 or 3 songs for this album, I forgot my idea of making a band for the Cautiva project and I thought to return for a time to my old style and ideas (about piano, minimalism, romanticism, neo-classical music and so on). I had this idea while I was preparing the 3 CD-Box «A Retrospective: The Early Years – 1994-2003» with old stuff. Finally, the Cautiva project was going to a secondary place and didn't grow more. This is a thing with which I'm not happy :-(, but I had to choose.

I remember that this album was very well received by the tech/prog thrash metal community. It was nice :-)

What about credits, I make some tributes in this album:

The beginning of the track #7 is a tribute to Chuck Schuldiner and the band Death, making a variation on the opening of the song «Spirit Crusher» (1998).

This same track, #7, has 8 guitar solos at the end. Here I make a tribute to Muhammed Suiçmez and the band Necrophagist (solos #1, final of #3, and #5 are taken from this band). The rest of the solos are mine.

Track #8 is a Testament cover (1988), but the end of this track is the beginning of the song «Bonded By Blood» by Exodus (1983).

More credits:

All music and lyrics by José Travieso, except noted.

Track #10, co-written partially with Sergio Rubal and David Iglesias in 2005 (old composition never recorded from a different project, in a new 'Cautiva-ed' version). Lyrics by Sergio Rubal. Vocals by Sergio Rubal. It's a bonus track.

Artwork Fernando Medina. Sleeve design by Fernando Medina and José Travieso.

You can download and get this album in Bandcamp.

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After All These Years...
Eat Your Tongue! - Part One
Bastard Nations (Eat Your Tongue! - Part Two)
Swing Of Love
My Own Hell
Into the Pit (Testament cover)
The Great Old One
Two Worlds (bonus track)* / **

*written by José Travieso, David Iglesias and Sergio Rubal

**main vocals and lyrics by Sergio Rubal

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