Cautiva - Fire, Walk With Me! (2008, EP)
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| Format: EP/demo | First Release: January 2008 |

| Label: Abracadaver Music |

| Composed: Winter 2005/06; Spring-Autumn 2006 |

| Recorded: Autumn 2007 - January 2008;
Autumn 2006 (guest vocals) |

| Performed by: José Travieso - guitars, bass, drums programming and vocals; Sergio Rubal - guest vocals |

| # tracks: 5 | Length: 25:03 |

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Take No Prisoners (Megadeth cover)
Fire, Walk With Me!*
Love / Hate
(Dream of a Blackened Nightmare)
Intro for «Shadow of a Lost Dream»
Shadow of a Lost Dream (Coroner cover)

*main vocals by Sergio Rubal

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January 2008. First release of Cautiva, a technical and progressive thrash metal project in which I play all the instruments (guitars, bass, drums programming and vocals; except for guest musicians in very limited cases), in the style of "one man band"..

After finishing my previous work («De Luces y de Sombras», 2003) I composed some music more for piano, but I lost the interest of making music and I left all this for a time. At the end of 2005 I began again, with very limited activity and as a musician totally transformed: I changed the piano for the guitar and the minimalism/romanticism/experimentation for the thrash metal, music that I loved since I was a child. It was a completely different story!

In 2007 I moved to Granada (previously I lived in Cádiz) and I wanted to record some cover songs (as a way of learning and watch what I could make recording at home) and some own stuff (as a way of showing the music and try to create a band in this new city). This EP was the result. And I made so many mistakes... :-/

I suppose that the biggest problem was my change of perspective around the project. When I was recording the songs, I didn't want a polish work, just to have something to show in my desire of making a band, but when I finished, I was so motivated composing and recording that I immediately started to record more music for a new album and I began to forget my initial idea of the band. As a result, the sound wasn't good; my music wasn't mature enough; the project wasn't showing a clear direction or aesthetic moving between thrash, progressive, groove, experimental music, etc.; my vocal lines were awfully sung the most of the times; etc. Moreover, I had then a complete lack of knowledge as recording engineer, making evident mistakes. And morever again, I didn't have the right equipment to be able to record something properly and, anyway, the technology then wasn't advanced enough to be able to record correctly -credibly- a metal album at home and in-the-box (all this of home-studios in metal music and one man bands was beginning then)...

If I had polished more this work for a few of months, or if I had released it as a demo, then I had made well, but I made a mistake releasing this as a EP. Anyway, not everything was wrong: we can find some interesting ideas and some good parts, and set the direction to my new album (Cautiva's «Human», 2009), which I'm very proud.

Tracks #1 and #5 were composed by Megadeth and Coroner respectively..

Main vocals in track #2 by Sergio Rubal. José L. Cabeza (co-author of some pieces in the «Música para una Guitarra sin Voz» EP, 2001) collaborated in this song recording a guitar solo.

Lyrics in tracks #2 and #3 by José Travieso.

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