José Travieso - Don't Kill The Vinyl (2011, EP)
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| Format: EP | First Release: May 2011 |

| Label: Abracadaver Music |

| Composed: September-November 2010;
March-April 2011 |

| Recorded: September-November 2010;
March-April 2011 |

| Instruments: synthesizers, samples, scratches, electric piano, piano, drums, baritone sax, double bass, voices and vocals |

| # tracks: 7 | Length: 35:19 |

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The Red Room
Zombie Nation
About Memories and Deceptions
Mein Kampf (Twilight Of The Idols)
About Memories And Deceptions (Kill The Vinyl Mix)
(bonus track)
Rottweiler (instrumental)
(bonus track)

*lyrics, vocals and scratches by Grossomodo and Aitor

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First release in May 2011. My second project of that year.

This EP -although it is musically very varied- had a strong conceptual basis in its creation, following the next ideas:

-First and except for the track #3, I wanted to record some pieces exploring genres and technics that I had then never worked with but I had been interested for years, finally trying with electronic music, hip-hop and a few of experimental ideas.

-Second, I wanted to reconcile the old with the new, working with both elements along all the EP (for example, old music vs modern music, acoustic and old instruments vs electronic and modern instruments, traditional way of making music vs unconventional way of making music, my old style vs myself making something new, etc.).

-Third, as a representation of the old, I wanted to make a tribute to the vinyl records.

-Fourth and finally, I wanted to make an EP where the sampling procedures have an important role.

Wow! I think now it was a very complicated perspective! Hahaha! :-/ It was truely an experimental and risky proposal, but in a way worked well I believe... By the way, the track #1 is among my favorite of all the times!

Track #1 is partially constructed looping on the same recorded instruments and giving an important role to the reverse recordings, being connected with Twin Peaks universe.

Track #2 is sampling and modifying part of the last movement of Arcangelo Corelli's «Concerto Grosso No. 9 in F Major».

Track #3 is mainly an improvisation. The main melody in the second section was taken from Osvaldo Farrés’s song «Quizás, Quizás, Quizas» (1947).

Originally the track #4 was going to be called simply «Mein Kampf», but in order not to be confused as a pro-nazism posture, the track was subtitled «Twilight Of The Idols» (as Nietzsche’s book). Anyway, I was branded -without basis- of pro-nazism by some sensitive people from Germany. It was a bit strange, because just paying a bit attention to the lyrics (Spanish) of the track #5 is easy to understand my anti-nazism posture.

Vocals and lyrics in track #5 by Grossomodo and Aitor. Scratches by Grossomodo.

Tracks #6 and #7 are bonus tracks.

Sleeve design and artwork by José Travieso.

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