José Travieso - Tunguska (2009, EP)
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| Format: EP | First Release: September 2009 |

| Label: Abracadaver Music |

| Composed: July-August 2009 | Recorded: July-August 2009 |

| Instruments: 2 violins, viola and cello |

| # tracks: 3 | Length: 14:45 |

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String Quartet «Tunguska», Movement I:
The Constant Uncertainty
String Quartet «Tunguska», Movement II:
12 Megatons
String Quartet «Tunguska», Movement III:
Minuet for Planet, Asteroids and Comet
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First release in September 2009.

After releasing Cautiva's album «Human» (June 2009), I decided to return to my old musical ideas and to give an updated perspective. This EP would be the first work of a few of them in this new period, offering a string quartet in three movements inspired by the mysterious «Tunguska event», happened in Siberia on June 30, 1908.

It's interesting to know that the beginning and the end of this string quartet are variations of a brief passage from the Cautiva project's song «WAR» (2008).

This EP would be included a few months later in the «No More Faith» album (2010), but with a different mix and mastering work.

Sleeve design by José Travieso.

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